Exclusive line to clean tanks, silos and containers from food sector

In spring 2013, the most modern cleaning line in the region gets operational for exclusive trucks from the food sector. Therefore we reserved line 1.

Industrial cleaning from tanks, silos and containers

On line 2 and 4, we can clean all silo trucks, tank trucks and containers on chassis in an adequate and right way. According the last loaded product, our cleaner chooses the correct procedure. This can be cleaning with cold or warm water. Our new installation can add neutral remover, alkaline detergent or acid detergent to spray on the inner surface to get a good action. On demand of the customer we can dry all types. On behalf of possible exploding or insoluble goods which were loaded as the last product we can clean everything what doesn’t need higher temperature than 95 degrees. We don’t have steam and never clean with solvents.

On Line 3 we can clean manual all different types of trucks

Industrial cleaning from drums and IBC’s

In 2009 a new professional installation for cleaning drums and IBC’s was built. Together with the company who developed and built the installation, we approved some issues. The result is a men kindly environment where our cleaners recycle empty packages in an ecological responsable way.


From 3 degrees outside temperature, we can clean with extreme care, on line 5 full automatically, with our brand new professional Kärcher Truck Wash. Helped by several high pressure lances, we can clean in the little corners or wherever it’s necessary, to get a good result.

Tank station

Our new tank station is available for our customers. On simple demand, we can provide badges to the drivers and then the invoicing is done automatically.


We know that a happy driver gives a better business result.

Therefore we offer:

  • Free coffee and fresh water
  • Toilettes and showers
  • Truck parking Snacks automate
  • A full customer card gives nice gadgets